Pet Adoption at Our Springfield Shelter.
Pets to Go offers various services to pets and their future family.

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With as many as 50 dogs and cats available at any given time and over 1,300 animals adopted annually, we seek to promote no-kill alternatives through our innovative programs. All of the animals receive full medical and behavioral evaluations, and our staff works with you to help your new pet feel comfortable in its new home.   

Animal Rescue and Transfers   

Our animals come from a number of places—overcrowded area shelters, surrenders from local families that can no longer care for their dog or cat, and rescue groups throughout the state. We focus on giving homeless, abandoned, and sometimes abused animals a second chance at a healthy, happy life with a caring guardian.   

Rehabilitation & Training   

While at Pets to Go, animals that have behavioral issues are retrained and rehabilitated to become better companions in their new homes. After the adoption, Pets to Go is always there to help with behavior consultations, “positive reinforcement” dog training classes, and any other advice an adopter may need.   

Medical and Spay/Neuter Clinic    

Pets to Go’s on-site veterinary team assesses the health of each animal and provides appropriate treatment and vaccinations. In addition, we spay or neuter all the animals, so that more don’t end up in shelters.   

Volunteering and Foster Care   

Pets to Go could not survive without the help of dedicated, caring animal lovers who generously volunteer at the shelter each week. From bottle-feeding motherless kittens, answering phones, and offering foster care to our special needs animals, our volunteers improve the quality of life for the homeless dogs and cats that are sheltered at Pets to Go.